Education Solution Case

CurrentCAD Education is based on our own CAD technology to provide tons of education related features like auto-generating assigments, auto-marking exam paper and etc for engineering drawing learning to empower both teachers and students.

National Innovation Competition of Advanced Drafting Technology and Modeling on Product Information for College Students

As the "Olympic Competition" in the field of Graphic Academia, more than 200,000 students participated from the school competition to the final, and as the technical support platform for the competition, the challenge is huge.

Test question distribution, answer, submission and machine marking.

Take charge of the unwinding and winding of the four tracks of Mechanical, Architectural, Hydraulic and Transportation and Bridge; Provide services for online answer of Mechanical configuration test and Automatic Marking of Mechanical and Architectural tracks.

It provided services to more than 800 universities, 6000 teachers and 200,000 students throughout the event, and the marking efficiency and fairness have been significantly improved.

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