CurrentCAD 2D SDK

Powerful and flexible development toolkit with customized entities to support second development and system integration in various industries.

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Core Features

The complete design functions save the enterprise cost

Provide complete CAD functions such as Geometric Design, Geometric Editing, Dimensioning, etc., and compatible with different versions of DWG files, integrated and ready to use, greatly saving the cost of enterprise self-research.


The API with power and flexibility, meeting the business needs of different industries

Provide the plentiful interface with Custom Block, Custom Command, Custom User Interface, etc.. The users can carry out 2nd development, integration, development of custom CAD functions to meet the actual business needs.


Easy to use makes quick integration and deployment

Provide detailed interface documentation and integration examples, and you will integrate complete CAD functions just through a few lines of code, meeting business needs in a timely manner.

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