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Our 3d platform is based on self-developed CGM and CCS, and some key indictors have reached the international leading level.

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Product Overview

CurrentCAD 3D is world-leading self-developed cloud native 3D design platform. It allows users to start theirs design work in browsers at anytime and anywhere because of its cloud native design. Our home-grown CGM and CCS provide reliable supports for sketch, part, assembly, engineering drawing and other features. We provides flexible CAD services for mechanical, automobiles, consumer electronics and other industrial domains.

Core Features

Self-Developed CCS Ensure Fluent Sketching

Our CCS is completely self-developed and we have complete proprietary intellectual property rights, some key indictors have reached the international leading level. The 2D sketch constraits system supports all the widely used geometries, includes the majority of the constraints. It utilizes various combinations and optimizations of multiple computation strategies to accelerate the solving process, so that the designer can finish their sketch design fluently and efficiently.

Self-Developed CGM Make Sure Fast and Reliable 3D Modeling

CurrentCAD 3D is based on our self-developed CGS which has complete topological data structure for 3D model and lots of 3D constructing and modeling algorithms. The users can easily create all kinds of complex geometrical bodys and high-quiality curve and curved surfaces. We provides basic creating features like extrude, rotate, sweep,loft and etc, advanced creating features like fillet, chamfer, draft, rib, shell, hole and etc, and editing features such as array, mirror, thicken, offset, boolean operation and etc. All these enable designers to finsh their 3d modeling work quickly and efficiently.

Innovative Cloud Collaboration Greatly Increase Work Efficency

CurrentCAD 3D is cloud native. It provides innovative, secure, efficient and multi-terminal collaborative design tools for the end users. The drawing data is saved in real time, and synchronized withing mutiple devices to avoid the potential data loss. Our authorization management system around 3D drawings can enusure the data security.

Strong compatibility Ensure Efficient Data Exchange

Our platform support importing not only general CAD format like STEP, but also vendor specific CAD formats from mainstream CAD softwares like CATIA, NX, Creo, SolidWorks and etc. We also support converting vendor specific data format to general CAD format.

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